About Pier-Sol Inc.

Pier-Sol Inc. Electropolishing

Pier-Sol, Inc. was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1957, with an extensive background of 30+ years of metallurgical research. It was established to provide in depth knowledge for consulting and engineering. This once small "jobshop" continues to succeed in these uncertain economical times. Our services include passivating, pickling, electropolishing, and our exclusive UNI-SAT process for brightening, passivation and weld scale removal. Electropolishing is a growing industry and crucial to many aspects of manufacturing. If you have problems with stainless steel, need help with surface smoothness, costly mechanical polishing, tool marks, surface rust, weld discoloration, scale removal, we are here to serve you. We look forward to meeting all of your surface finishing needs. Our philosophy at Pier-Sol, Inc. is to "always give the customer a better finish than expected".